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Elegant Home Decoration With Many Color Details in Madrid

Elegant Home Decoration With Many Color Details in Madrid 1

Constructed become box form building located in Madrid, Spain. An elegant home design which has many impression colors details at every corner of this house. The color details come from outside and inside planted on material, furniture, and other home element. Simple white color mostly appear on outside wall, thus make this elegant house looks vivid at white colors. At daytime, the house looks bright from far. Concrete material strengthen the building wall on the outside. Some outside wall created from striped wooden with horizontal form. The terrace has cream colored tile plots structure, almost matching outside wall color.

pond of Elegant Home Decoration Color Details 2

Interior decoration at this house displaying elegant color details at many area. Elegant living room featured with wide range of colors. Even each sofa has different color: brown, grey and blue. The sofa standing make a circle and facing each other, which in the middle there are 3 tables. 2 table color with form are same and 1 another different. Below there is elegant carpet striped by 3 different colors. Large transparent glass windows located around side wall of this elegant home, which serves as room lightning during daytime and can look outward from inside. Curtains has orange color, and has same height as wall house. Green pond and some plant stand at side, near terrace with lounge chair. Decoration at bedroom consist by elegant mattress iron frame box. White elegant carpet also adorn this room interior below mattress. Lamp available at bedside above table as small lightning. Bedroom curtains are white and dark blue combined, different color with living room.

Elegant living room Home Decoration in Madrid 5

Bathroom design consist by sink and large mirror at front. Bathtub placed at side as complement.

Bathroom House Decoration with many details in Madrid

Wooden elegant table and chair 9

living room Elegant Home Decoration in Madrid 10

Home Decoration With Many Color in Madrid 13

front view Elegant Home Decoration 4

Elegant white table and chair decoration in Madrid 6

Elegant living place with many color details 7

Elegant House Decoration With Many Color Details 14

Elegant Home Decoration With Many Color Details in Madrid 3

Elegant Home Decoration in Madrid 12

Dining room elegant decoration in Madrid 11

Bedroom Elegant Decoration with many colors in Madrid 8


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